Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… (Facial Acupuncture)

Cosmetic acupuncture

Mirror mirror on the wall…

…”looking tired…looking rough…dull complexion…stress/worry/frown lines…sagging jowl…low self esteem…blemishes…feeling undesired…dark bags under the eyes…gravity taking hold…lines getting deeper…crow lines…time taking its’ toll…ageing spots…bitchy resting face…droopy mouth corners”

These are some of the words clients use prior to receiving facial/cosmetic acupuncture with us.

Heavy right? Wouldn’t we all want to say,

“I see a sexy woman right there looking back at me, comfortable in her own skin, who takes pride in the way she appears.”

At our clinics, we commonly see women juggling busy work/life schedules alongside the pressure to maintain an impeccable appearance.

Let’s be honest: ageing is not easy for most women. But ageing is also inevitable. And for some, changes in appearance can have an immense impact on how they feel about themselves.

We are not claiming to reverse the ageing process. Instead, we are offering a holistic option to boost your vitality and assist you in feeling and looking good in a natural way.

It is also our wish to offer an alternative way if you do not want to go down the surgical route. 

Let’s get to the (acupuncture)point:

Cosmetic or Facial Acupuncture treatment uses points on the face to lift/enhance skin tone, particularly areas where sagging occurs. 

Let us explain more….

We use a fusion of our acupuncture experience, interest in skin care and massage techniques to soften fine lines and blemishes, enhance skin tone and give your face an overall healthy glow.

Unlike more invasive cosmetic treatments which have many potential & documented side effects, cosmetic acupuncture has hardly any and it’s completely natural and holistic.

The science

When the needles are inserted into the skin, a small lesion is created and the body responds by producing collagen & elastin.

What are these two things? 

Both are proteins found in the layers of the skin. Simply put, collagen aids skin repair and elastin gives skin its flexibility. 

Unfortunately, as we get older the body produces less of both. The result is the visible ageing process on our skin: wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. 

In addition, we live in a world of increasing exposure to environmental pollutants which inevitably affect the appearance of our skin and its ability to rejuvenate.

Each facial/cosmetic acupuncture treatment increases the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin and therefore improves elasticity, rejuvenates overall appearance and reduces fine lines. 

What to expect?

To begin with, we will carry out a consultation asking a range of questions, followed by checking your tongue and pulse (an important diagnostic method in Chinese medicine).

From this, we will make a diagnosis which is the basis for treatments, taking into consideration what you are hoping to achieve. This consultation will be followed by your treatment which can take anywhere from 30 – 45 mins. 

Upon consent, we begin:

– skin cleansing

– body acupuncture points for underlying imbalances 

– tailored facial acupuncture using high quality, ultra fine specialist needles (optional numbing cream)

– head, face & neck revitalising massage with specialist techniques*

* We use organic and ethically sourced products to assist and support the rejuvenation process


We usually suggest 10 sessions to start with (ideally weekly) as the benefits are cumulative and the effects achieved are maintained through continued treatment

Sessions can later be reduced to every two weeks/once monthly for maintenance purposes with ongoing reassessment to ensure your needs are continuously met. 

If you invest in 10 treatments (instalments option available) we will gift you with a session in return.