Welcome to our corner of the virtual world…if you landed here chances are that you’ve hit at wall when it comes to your health.  

Is this you?

You really give a damn and care about your health.

Feeling well in yourself is important to you and you are committed to your wellbeing.

But you are also worried about your health.

Nobody understands what is really wrong with you. The only option you have been given is to take medication and you hate the idea of not having other choices.

You wonder what else you can do. 

 Something more natural, more in tune with your body where you are actually involved in your own journey towards feeling yourself again. 

Something is missing?

 You have searched for answers and support online, went to health food shops, tried over the counter supplements. You listened to friends and family advice. But still…they are not quite working for you.


We know how you feel.

At times in life each of us will experience some form of pain, illness or simply not feeling oneself; this can manifest physically, mentally or emotionally. It is an unavoidable fact that we all share; but we also have a choice in how to deal/cope with these lemons...and this is what we want to offer you. A choice.

We believe that health is an individual journey. Only by taking responsibility and taking action to assist the body’s innate intelligence will we move towards freedom from dis-ease. 

One path doesn’t fit all and that is why we utilise a wide variety of our skills to fully individualise a treatment plan that meets your personal needs.

You can read more about our own stories, treatments we offer,  here you can find out when and where we  are and what is inspiring us as we trail pebbles. 

If you are into CVs, click on Giusi’s & Rebecca’s Linkedin profiles where you will find our experience & qualifications gained in over ten years.

Giusi Pezzotta & Rebecca Ellis