Super Quick Recipe to Nourish Your Blood

Garlic greens

During our times in China, we learnt the best way to eat large volumes of greens: stir fried with lots of garlic (also a good test to see who your real friends are!)

In Chinese medicine dark leafy vegetables are to said to nourish blood & yin and garlic helps digestion... what is not to like?! If garlic is not your thing, you can try ginger instead.

Finally... sesame oil for us makes all the difference in terms of taste.



Any greens (kale, spinach, pak-choi, green beans) washed and chopped

2 garlic cloves

1 chilly (optional)

Sesame oil (or any other oil)

Soy sauce (or salt)

Heat the sesame oil, fry the garlic and chilly on high for 1 minute until golden. Add the greens and fry until tender adding soy sauce (or a touch of water and salt) to moisten the dish.

Normally served as a side dish but we also love them on their own with rice! Enjoy!