5 Ways Acupuncture Can Help During Pregnancy

Acupuncture in Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is one of the most life-changing experiences you can have and whilst everyone is commenting on your new vibrant glow, most women might, at some point, be challenged by the less glamorous aspects of pregnancy (yes we are talking about wind, piles and that lower back pain!).

With all the physical, hormonal and emotional changes taking place over a relatively short period of time, it is not surprising that you are having a few bumps (and not just the growing one) along the way.

We support and treat women during all stages of pregnancy and the following are the most common ‘bumps’ that we can help you with:


Acupuncture is highly effective in reducing, if not relieving, symptoms associated with morning sickness when regular treatment is undertaken (usually during the first trimester). Chinese medicine believes that in the weeks following conception many changes in your body can put a strain on the normal functioning of your digestive system. By choosing certain acupuncture points that influence and calm your digestion, symptoms can be relieved.

We often combine acupuncture with individual dietary and lifestyle advice.


Many women experience pain at some point during their pregnancy. The most common problems we see in our practices are lower back and pelvic pain, restless legs, haemorrhoids and carpal tunnel syndrome. In Chinese medicine pain is seen as a sign of stagnation. Because your body is realigning to house your little one, understandably these adjustments can be a bit painful. Acupuncture therefore aims at clearing these blockages to relieve your pain.


If your baby is breeched (wants to land feet first), the ideal time to come for treatment is between 34-36 weeks, however, we have successfully treated up until the 38th week. We use a technique called moxibustion which consists of warming an acupuncture point that has an effect on the uterus encouraging the baby to get into the right position. We will also teach you how to do it at home together with self-help techniques.


Sometimes your baby is a little too comfortable and your approaching due date is suddenly turning into talk of medical induction. We usually suggest having acupuncture at least 2-3 weeks before the due date. Acupuncture helps to relax and soften the muscles and tendons around the sacrum and pelvis facilitating the baby’s engagement. We also show you acupressure points and exercises to do yourself and with your partner in between sessions up until the birth.


These are just a few of the most common physical problems we see everyday in clinic, however many women come to acupuncture for emotional support. For some, the path to conception is not a straightforward one, for others the first trimester is a period of uncertainty and fear, or perhaps reaching the end of the pregnancy comes with feeling overwhelmed about the future. Acupuncture has a soothing effect on the nervous system helping you to feel calmer, more grounded and prepared for the next stage of your journey. If you would like to discuss how we can help you during your pregnancy please contact us here. If you like this post or know someone who could benefit from reading please share using the icons below, thank you!
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