10 Reasons Why You Should Join ‘Nepal Unplugged’ Retreat

Why join us on this retreat? 10 reasons:

1. Because you are overworked and need a break; time and space for yourself. 5 days where you don’t have to think about anything... sounds like a dream.

2. Because “seeing the Himalayas” is on your bucket list.

3. Because deep inside your intuition is telling you “you gotta slow down”. Waking up to the sunrise over the mountains, not to your vibrating alarm on your phone. Sipping your coffee watching nature slowly waking up instead of scoffing a croissant on the journey to work. Freshly cooked food for you instead of take away on route home.

4. Because watching the sunset over the picturesque local monastery after a fulfilling day of reading/ writing/ strolling... can I go now?

5. Because you care about your footprint on the earth. Stay with us at Namo Buddha Resort where sustainability and supporting the local community are a priority.

 6. Because your latest mantra is , “I need to start taking better care of myself.” 5 days of mindful movements, guided meditations, holistic treatments, fresh mountain air, being fully catered for…please...take me there.

7. Because you’re a [ insert your many roles here] and you can’t remember last time you put your needs in front of others’... Now it’s your time.

8. Because you crave to know more about self care and smart yoga that will encourage your body to be strong & supple and your mind stimulated but soothed.

 9. Because... what meditation can be done lying down... yoga nidra...sound baths, yin yoga... “give them to me now?!”

10. Because all the above is screaming at you “ yes, yes, yes!” ...and time flies... do it now!

See you in Nepal…

Beckie & Giusi

One last thing....we welcome all genders, faiths, body types & fitness levels!